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New Jersey Wind Works Coalition Responds to Latest
Pointless Senate GOP Hearing on Offshore Wind

May 3, 2023

Contact: Anthony Campisi
(732) 266-8221

Republicans Spread Lies About Offshore Wind to Protect Big Oil

TRENTON – The following statement is from members of the New Jersey Wind Works Coalition, in response to today’s New Jersey state Senate Republican independent hearing on offshore wind.

“It is disappointing, but not surprising, that New Jersey Senate Republicans are continuing to spread lies about offshore wind with the hopes of delaying progress and continuing our dependence on fossil fuels. The anti-wind campaign is anti-environment and anti-wildlife. Developing New Jersey’s offshore wind industry will create union jobs, generate economic prosperity in communities across our state, and is essential to fighting climate change, which is the number one threat facing marine life. After significant investigation, our nation’s top scientists have stated there is no evidence that offshore wind is causing the deaths of marine mammals. We know for a fact that warming oceans are threatening entire ecosystems.

Here’s what elected leaders who really care about protecting the oceans should be doing, and the environmental criteria for pro-marine life politicians: slowing down boats, removing abandoned fishing gear, reducing plastic pollution and combating climate change, the greatest threat to our oceans.

It is time to stop playing politics with our oceans, listen to the scientists, and get on board with a clean energy future, which will protect wildlife for New Jersey.”

The New Jersey Wind Works Coalition is a group of environmental advocates who support the responsible development of offshore wind.

New Jersey Wind Works Coalition Members: New Jersey LCV, NJ Audubon, Waterspirit, Pinelands Preservation Alliance, ANJEC, NJ Sustainable Business Council, UU Faith Action, Sierra Club NJ, New Jersey Environmental Lobby, Special Initiative on Offshore Wind, Anglers for Offshore Wind, GreenFaith, Great Egg Harbor River Council Association.

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