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What is the environmental benefit of wind power?


Wind power is an advanced technology that has been reliably supplying clean, affordable electricity into the utility grid for decades.


How would offshore projects impact the ocean environment?


Wind energy and wildlife can thrive together. Wind projects are built in ways that protect the natural environment in the areas where they are constructed.


What is the visual impact of the wind turbines?


Offshore wind turbines would have a minor visual impact. When an onlooker looks into the horizon on the clearest day, the onlooker would perceive a small wind turbine more than 15 miles from the shore.


How would offshore wind projects impact fishing?


Offshore wind developers engage with the commercial and recreational fishing industries and invest in being good neighbors. Developers work with local communities to ensure a clean, renewable energy industry along with a thriving fishing industry. Wind developers work to minimize disruption of fishing activities during all phases of development and maximize ease of access and safe navigation for fishing during wind farm operations.

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